Ruth Medlin is the quintessential speaker and trainer whose passion is helping others see their true potential so that they can soar in business and in life.  Ruth’s training style is approachable and thoughtful.  She is insightful and compassionate by helping her participants stretch and grow into new levels of self-awareness and business expertise. Additionally, her country living humor and storytelling make her workshops fun.  “I enjoy seeing others take on new challenges and learn to create a business life that they love.” A California native, Ruth moved to Cincinnati in the summer of 2017 to create a new life for herself in the Midwest.  “Embracing change is all about acceptance” is one of Ruth’s cornerstones in training and mentoring others.  An entrepreneur since 2012, Ruth has carved out the life she wanted through thoughtful planning and bravery.  A world traveler who visits countries to experience other cultures and of course, to enjoy the cuisine Ruth devotes her time now to speaking, training and mentoring others through workshops and webinars.