Say the words ‘entrepreneurial leadership’ to Ruth Medlin and watch her light up with enthusiasm!  “I have a passion for helping solopreneurs and entrepreneurs find their leadership voice,” Ruth told a group recently.  After years of working with leaders in her home county, Ruth decided to become an entrepreneur herself and learned to lead herself in her own consulting business.  Ruth readily admits that teaching others to stand in their own power can prove to be one of the most exciting aspects of her business. A lot of women are taught to follow others in their careers, so that when they venture into becoming an entrepreneur they may be waiting to follow someone else.  “You don’t become successful in business for yourself by being a passive person,” according to Ruth.

Moving her business to the Midwest in 2017, Ruth is spreading her trainings, writings and speaking gigs to entrepreneurs and groups.  “It’s exciting to be talking with people who want to grow their goals and dreams in their businesses and helping them shift their leadership paradigms to focus on their Power of One,” Ruth told an interviewer in a recent podcast.

When she’s not working, Ruth thrives on travel, writing and photography.  A farmer’s daughter at heart, Ruth enjoys visiting farming communities, farmer’s markets, canning and home cooking.