Reframe That Problem!

Entrepreneurs are faced with problems all the time.  How much do I charge for my services? Should I pay to advertise in print or just stick with free social media?  I have an unhappy client and nothing I seem to do satisfies them and I am at my wit’s end as to how to resolve this!  I could add a whole lot more of these types of problems.  But today, I want to talk about the possibility of looking at problems in a different light-that is to reframe our thinking about any given situation.

A couple of weeks ago as I was scrolling through Face Book, I saw a post from a local farm advertising that their corn crop was just in.  They were offering a dozen ears of corn for only $3.00 if FB readers would share their post!  Wow!  I was ready for some fresh, farm grown corn, so I promptly shared the post and come Saturday, I headed to their farm store to get my corn.  Now, I must admit that I read the post hurriedly and thought that I’d read that if you shared their post, you’d get 12 ears of corn for free! Ok, I admit that!  The farm store was charming!  I got my corn plus some tomatoes, peppers and even a basil plant!  When I got to the cashier, I asked about the FB post of getting the corn for free (ok, again my error!).  And here’s what followed: The cashier just kind of went off on me and said “No, no, no, no, NO! These aren’t free.  They are $3.00!  That’s the trouble with Face Book!  You can’t post anything without people getting it wrong!”  And on and on and ON!  I thought about it for a moment and when she’d finished her rant against social media I said, “Madam, you might think about reframing your thoughts about blaming social media!  Look, I obviously misread the post and for that I apologize.  I did share the post though, so I am happy to get 12 ears of your delicious corn for only $3.00.  What you might also want to think about is that without that post, I wouldn’t have been here today as a first-time shopper.  In addition to the corn I also want to purchase tomatoes, peppers and a basil plant from you, so you are really coming out ahead.  The post on social media cost you nothing and it probably is bringing people just like me to your farm store for the first time.  You should be grateful for the post because it is bringing you additional business.  So, instead of yelling at me for misunderstanding/misreading the post, think about reframing your response to me just now!  No one likes to be mistaken and yelled at!  How about welcoming me to your store with a smile on your face, then gently correcting my error and thanking me for my business!”  The cashier was aghast about all that I’d said.  She wasn’t very gracious to me either.  What I hope is that after I left, she had some time to think about reframing her attitude about a free social media campaign to drive more business to their store.

Entrepreneurs think about how you can reframe some of your business concerns.  Shed some new light on them and consider putting them into a new perspective.  Try reframing problems and turning them into possibilities and learning lessons.  You just may find that you are gaining in your business as you look at all possibilities!