Blogging is another way to get your business and brand out into the world.  If you have been thinking about writing a blog, or if you are a “sometimes” blogger, this message is for you!

Here are some tips to get started.  First, decide what your blog is going to do for or give to your readers.  If your blog is about your business, then be certain to include your business contact information somewhere in the blog.  If you can incorporate it into the body of your blog, all the better!  

Next, think about the tone and message you want your blog to convey. Are you going for facts, charm, information or what?  Will you write in first person singular or third person singular? Will you include photos? How will you get your personality to shine through the blog?  As you can see, there needs to be some aforethought and decision making before you write your first blog.

Now we come to the hard part, how frequently will you write and post your blogs?  And where will you come up with topics for your blogs.  According to my friend Monica Miller who writes and teaches about writing blogs, you should create a content calendar for an entire year!  I know this sounds daunting (at least it did to me when I first heard Monica talking about it), but let me tell you that it will make your writing life so much easier because when it comes time to write a blog, most of us stop and fumble around for a topic.  This can be a non-starter for most of us if we must constantly look around for a topic.  It can stop the blogging process before it even gets started! But with your content calendar in place, all you have to do is look at it and see the topic and start writing!  Genius!  Thank you, Monica Miller!  Check her out on Face Book “Monica Writes”.  The other thing Monica suggests is to decide on frequency of writing and posting blogs.  Some may start out with great ambition and want to write/post weekly or even several times a week.  I will say the ‘burnout’ factor for blogging may hit you hard with that kind of a schedule!  Perhaps start out with quarterly blogs or monthly blogs to make certain that you like doing them and that you can maintain the pace you’ve set up.  Remember, your readers are expecting you to produce and if you become sporadic or haphazard, some readers may drift away, disappointed that they don’t see enough of your writings.

Finally, I will say this.  Blogging can be a great way to get your name and business brand out there. And if you’re wondering where to start, I’d say get that content calendar written to be sure you have topics/themes for the year and then write your first blog!

Happy blogging to you!